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What is Mimine 1.0? It is a powerfull tool for web site HTML pages. Moreover, it implements most of the HTML 4.0 features.

But can I also use Dreamweaver? You have no needs of Dreamweaver, Netscape Editor, Word... The HTML code generated by most of this editors is... hum... how to say?... you see? it is never what you want. Wysiwyg? Yes, but on your computer only.

How Mimine 1.0 works? It is very simple. In the kernel of the current version, you have to specify a text editor (such as Emacs, notepad, ultraedit and so on). Be carefull, you also have to bind your hand with a keyboard and/or a mouse to start this text editor. And now? You start to write your pages in HTML by using your fingers (just slightly hit keys placed on the keyboard)! It is easy, isn't it?

What's new?

Tools and Documentations


Emacs Emacs. it is the famous "escape meta alt control shift" GNU editor... And it includes an HTML mode. Of course, it is free.
Here is a screenshot of my emacs editing this page.
GNU Emacs
Also available for Windows NT/95/98
XEmacs: The next generation of Emacs

UltraEdit UltraEdit. The Text/HEX/HTML/Programmers Editor from IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. Single user registration fee is US$30.00.
UltraEdit Home Page


WinEdt. A flexible editor in shareware distribution (the licence price varies from $30 to $70).
WinEdt Shell

HTML tutorials

W3C Getting started with HTML. This is a short introduction to writing HTML. Many people still write HTML by hand using tools such as NotePad on Windows, or SimpleText on the Mac. This guide will get you up and running. by Dave Ragget.

Getting started

soon... blank page...

Good tools

tools GTML, an HTML pre-processor. HTML is a powerful markup language for individual Web pages, but it has some serious limitations for maintaining entire Web sites (i.e. a collection of Web pages which needs to be kept consistent). GTML is an HTML pre-processor which adds some extra features specially designed for maintaining multiple Web pages. by Bruno Beaufils.

Validation services

W3C The World Wide Web Consortium provides some tools to know if your pages are compliant to HTML standards. In an utopic world, all pages on the web respect this standards :). A portal to this tools is given by the W3C HTML Validation Service.

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